Fringe Frenzy

by Tweed Rider

With the closing of Der Gelbe Stern, the Reginald Season is now officially in the middle of its uphill climb. Until the end of September, when renowned acrobatic ensemble Dislocate join us from Melbourne for Unit 4, the Reg is taking a (we think) well deserved breather.

In the meantime, that’s not to say the Reginald Theatre won’t be surrounded by a fantastic frenzy of shows belonging to the creative conjunctions of what we like to refer to as, the Sydney Fringe Festival.

The program is unleashed on the 9th of September and will unravel its gloriousness throughout the month.

In no particular order, here’s what we’re looking forward to:

All But Won
(which our very own Shannon Connellan is producing!)

Gallery Burlesque

Poet Tree

Trombone Shout

Anything Goes Cabaret

Ray Beadle Quartet

Shakespeare’s Will

Pirate Rhapsody, Mermaid Requiem

Cut Snake


El Circo

Tic Tac Toe

Underbelly Arts Unfolded 

Lady Nerd

Is that how you’re going to do it?

Tell Me About Your Mother

The Death of Albatross

Earth Angel


Better stop there before we get carried away!

Visit the Seymour webpage for a list of all the Fringe shows happening at the Seymour, and scurry through to the Fringe official site for full capacity information on all the rad shows.

 The Reginald Season resumes on 28 September with Unit 4